Unlike most dental practices, we have our own private dental laboratory here at Rosewood Dental Group. Most lab work never leaves the building, so the high quality crowns, bridges, onlays, and denture repairs are provided by our two experienced dental lab technicians, Jim and Samantha (also husband and wife). Both have been with us since 1996 and provide:
Camarillo dental lab technician.

  • Same day, in-house denture repairs
  • Cad- Cam imaging, all porcelain restorations
  • Porcelain and gold restorations. Porcelain shades can be matched and adjusted here at the office. No need to send cases out overnight for modifications
  • Whitening trays, bruxism guards, and athletic mouth guards
  • Immediate denture adjustments and polishing
  • Dentures cleaned and polished during cleaning appointments
  • Retainers

Having a dental lab on-site means a much faster turn-around time for your dental work and a high level of quality control.